Why Airtracks are so fun to use

My name is Peter, and I am a gymnast who loves training on my Berg trampoline and my GymPlay Airtrack.

Airtracks are still a pretty small niche within gymnastics, but this is something I would like to change. When you compare the Airtrack turnmatte to any other type of gymnastic or sporting equipment you will see just how much more fun it is to use.

Here's a few sources with more information on what an Airtrack turnmatte is and how to use it:

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Why use the Airtrack?

While it can be really fun to jump on the trampoline, most of the time I do actually prefer to use my GymPlay Airtrack turnmatte. Why is that you may ask? Let me try to tell you why. While you never get quite the same height on the jumps you make on Airtrack (compared to trampolines) you you get a lot more speed, which enables you to do even more complex jumps than you would be able to on the trampoline. This additional speed also makes it way more fun to use. I noticed that when I use the trampoline, my pulse is around 70% of max. When using my Air track turnmatte a lot of the time it's closer to 90%! So I get a lot more intense training when using the Airtrack. This also means that using the Air track for 15 minutes burns as many calories as 25 minutes on the Berg trampoline. So if you a great and effective fitness workout too, then I can also recommend Airtracks over trampolines. Sprinting or spinning may give you close to the same effect but you don't activate and train quite as many muscles with these types of sports. Also most other sports don't train your muscle coordination and flexibility in this extend. Just like my friend Michael who runs a small design webshop always says - buying a quality product is in most cases cheaper than buying a cheap version.
But for me I simple get the best possible training when using Airtracks and as a bonus - it's also the most fun type of training. At least once you start to build you up skills and muscles. It can be hard and maybe a little boring to begin with unless you know a few gymnastic jumps. 

Choosing your first Airtrack

With so many different Airtracks to choose from, which one should you use? This is actually a pretty hard question to answer. The older or better gymnast you are, the longer and heigher Air track you should get. But the benefits of a smaller Airtrack is that you can use it indoor in many cases which enables you to training even in the winter or doing the rainy days. It requires a bit of space though and that is not something everybody has.

A way to get around this issue and have the best of both worlds is to actually buy two 3 meter GymPlay Airtracks. The 3 meter version is to short for most experienced gymnasts to use outdoor, but a 6 meter is just fine. If you buy the Velcro connector from GymPlay you can actually combine the two 3 meter models into one 6 meter air track. This way you can train both indoor and outdoor and without having to pay more than you would for a 6 meter version. If you have a space for it, 2 x 4 meter versions would be even better, but a lot of people would find it hard to find space for so long Airtracks. The smaller 2.4 meter version may in some cases also be a really good choice. 

Regarding the height, for people under 12 I would recommend getting a 10cm model, if you are older go for the 20cm or if you are a competitive gymnast, grab a 30 cm Airtrack. In most cases this simple guide would be fitting. Should you have any questions, feel free to drop me a PM.

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